Product Design

Enter the world of User Experience & Digital Product Design with a Bootcamp that prepares you to think like a Designer, approach any problem creatively and architect compelling experiences for the future.

Starts 07 Apr 2019  •  12-week Hybrid Program  •  16 Seats Only
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Like a Bootcamp but unlike any other!

DPDI Track is a launchpad into the world of User Experience in just 12 weeks! Led by a coach in a systematic way, it prepares you become a confident Designer.

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Get grade certificates after you finish the exam at the end of the course. They are also verifiable by recruiters and hiring managers.

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Online & Offline

Learning must be easy and valuable for you. So the track is kept hybrid with classes happening both online (live) and in-person.

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Industry Ready

Work on real case studies and learn best-practices. Acceleerate your career by being ready to tackle the challenges from Industry.

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We don’t just want you to be a great designer, we want to raise the bar of design! So we’re awarding a cash prize for the Topper of the track.

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Design Labs

Real learning comes with application and practice. Practice what you learn that day and finish a project by the end of the track for grading.

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Practitioner's Take

Unlike traditional ways, all tracks from Xperian School aree taught by industry practitioners so you learn the real and the practical ways.

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Career Support

This bootcamp is also a launchpad for your career. Get 12hrs of Career Support over a period of 3 months after the track. Gear up well!

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10-12 hrs/week

The Bootcamp is structured for your context. So you can learn part-time while you continue to work. All we need is your commitment.

Is this Design Track for you?

DPDI is for those who wish to learn the real deal of how to create digital products for positive impact. The hands-on, 150-hr, practitioner-led, rightly-paced track helps you jumpstart your Design Career and start creating products that positively impact people.

What you will learn

• Design Process as a whole
• Knowing Users deeply
• Conceptualizing Ideas
• Prototype & Test Ideas
• Leverage Design Patterns
• Conducting Usability Studies
• Design as Career Path

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Becoming a Designer

If you’re freshly entering the world of Design to build your career, this Bootcamp is comprehensive for you and guides you seamlessly!

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Practitioner's Take?

If you want to become a better Designer by learning from an Industry Practitioner and deepen the fundamentals of Design, look no further!

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Not Sure Yet?

We understand that your context can be unique. Let us help you figure it out.

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Transition to Design?

If you’re a Professional who wants to make a Career Shift/Transition into Digital Product Design, we’ve got you covered with this Bootcamp.

Why Xperian School?

It’s not a d-school, it’s not even a b-school, it’s an e-school —experience school. To create an experience, a number of disciplines, talent and leadership should come together. At Xperian School, you learn the science of crafting such experiences.

The learning model

• Work on Real Case Studies
• Learn by Doing & Shipping
• Learn from Practitioners
• Structured for Your Context
• Career Support
• Certificate of Merit
• Continuous Assessment
• Building Portfolio & Profile

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Learning by Shipping

At Xperian School, you learn not only by doing but also by shipping and reflecting. Our designers-turned-educators prepare you for today as well as for tomorrow!

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Your Career, Designed!

From learning where you stand, designing portfolio, planning career moves to upskilling and expressing yourself well, our Career Support has got you covered.

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Designer Ecosystem

Beyond the alumni, join a larger club of designers, founders and makers. And from guidance, jobs to product design challenges, find anything design at Xperian.

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Structured Curriculum

Our curriculums are meticulously crafted to give you a learning experience which is transformative and fun. Learn what's not taught in schools or workplaces.

Structured for your Context

DPDI track is structured so you learn without compromising your day job. 12 weeks of intensive learning and 12 weeks of Career Support holistically on-board you in to Design.

Track Timeline with Core Track, Career Orientation, Certification & Career Support.
A Typical Week in the Track
A Typical week in the track. Online Sessions on TUE, THU & SAT. Offline Session 3 times in track.

Admission Process

Your fitment into the program is important to us to see that you gain maximum value. So we designed the admission process to be simple, effective and honest.

4 Step Admission Process. Apply, Assessment, Pay & Enroll, Get Ready.
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Track Fees

DPDI is not your typical tips, tricks and techniques course, and it is not for everybody. We've designed the track fees to be valuable, affordable and modular so you can choose only what you need.

Track Syllabus

The curriculum for DPDI 2019 is very carefully designed to bring you a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter in a connected way, so that you can walk away with a composite life skill of Product Design in just 12 weeks.

Fees with Introductory 50% Off

• Big Picture of Design
• Cognitive Science
• User Research & Insighting
• Experience Design
• Information Design
• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Design Tools & Prototyping
• Design Communication
• Personal Branding & Portfolio

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